Itero scanning

The iTero scanner enables us to make a 3D digital scan of the patient’s teeth and bite, instead of doing it via impressions, and transmit the file wirelessly right to the invisalign. This speeds up the process of making the aligners for you.

Adults and teens in Marion will find this process comfortable and easy. The iTero Digital Scanner uses a camera to make a digital scan of the teeth.

Dr. Gilsdorf (or the dental assistant) will take numerous pictures that will create a complete diagram of all the teeth. The diagram will then be sent to the company who will create a specific ClinCheck treatment plan for the patient. The process only takes a few short minutes, and the patient gets to view a digital picture of their teeth on the screen. They will also be able to view a simulation of how their teeth will look after the Invisalign treatment is complete.

iTero scanner

The Benefits of Digital Scanning

  • The process is simple and quick, which eliminates patient time at the office and allows the patient to have a much more pleasant experience.
  • The digital scanner has a lower rejection percentage rate than impressions that use PVS.
  • Digital images provide more accurate impressions of the patient’s teeth than PVS impressions.
  • The final image is sent directly to the company through its website, who create aligners and a treatment plan quicker than before.

iTero – Don’t Deny Yourself a Great Smile!

With Invisalign, patients will be using numerous aligners throughout their treatment, so the first impression is the most important. This new technology has allowed Dr. Gilsdorf to provide Invisalign in Marion to accommodate not only a more comfortable visit but one that will guarantee positive results and quicker treatment times. These are important aspects not only to the doctor but to their patient as well.