Encompass Digital Panoramic

Encompass scannerThe Encompass Digital Panoramic/Cephalometric Imaging system is designed to provide us the ability to select the ideal imaging program to capture the necessary diagnostic information while exposing our patient to a limited amount of radiation. The Encompass digital panoramic system provides both panoramic and cephalometric imaging. It will also simplify patient positioning and comfort to make the imaging process as smooth as possible.

Designed with patient care in mind, Encompass™ has a variety of programs to allow us to produce the exact the image that we need without extra radiation exposure to the patient. Patient comfort and confidence is vital in capturing optimal quality throughout an X-ray scan. Encompass™ achieves this through side entry access with face-to-face orientation, allowing our staff the ability to easily guide patients throughout the positioning and capture process.

Encompass™ also features tools such as Carbon Fiber Temple Supports, Multi-Point Laser Alignment, and a Stationery Bite Block to easily direct patients for perfect posture and position in every type of radiographic exam from panoramic & TMJ, to cephalometric and extraoral bitewing.